Consultancy in Agriculture:

Eco-friendly, Holistic and Profitable approach to Farming:
We are in the field of Agriculture since last 42 years. In this period we have experimented on several crops and their cultivation practices. With this experience and constant updating of new trends in the field, we extend our assistance in selection of suitable crop, Plantation models, Suitable irrigation system, Cultivation practices, Processing and marketing of farm produce etc.

We extend our recommendations in water and soil management, farm waste management, setting up of Fruit Plant Nursery and vermi-culture/ vermi-composting unit etc.

Agri-Tourism is our yet another successful and most appreciated model project. We provide assistance in running this theme based tourism on farm. We conduct workshops on concept of Agri-Tourism, rules and regulations, infrastructure development and marketing.

Farm Produce Processing:
In the lieu of getting desired returns from the farm produce, Save Farm has installed an in-house home-scale Fruit Processing unit. By using indigenously designed Solar Dryer, the perishable farm produce is hygienically dehydrated to increase its shelf life.

Chikoo (Sapota) being symbolic fruit of the Gholvad, more emphasis is given on designing and developing various products out of Chikoo. Mango and Chordia Latifilia (Gunda) fruits are also processed and the products are made available to the Agri-Tourists.