Farm Tour

Whether a guest has come for few hours or a week-long vacation, all packages of Tarpa include the comprehensive Farm Tour. The guided tour shows the model & gears of farming and showcase various projects built inside Save Farm. We have developed a Fruit-plant nursery, Green Houses, Shade Houses (for indoor plants), Botanical Garden with medicinal herbs & plants, well-documented 300+ plants, an artificial lake for rainwater harvesting, bee-keeping, pet birds & animals and a novel concept of aqua-phonics etc.

More and more people from metros and urban areas are opting for countryside outing in search of greenery and fresh weather. The conventional tourist destinations are becoming too crowded and polluted. People are looking for holidaying in rural areas to breath in fresh air, to be with nature for a while and experience rural hospitality.

Every plant at Save Farm has a story to tell. The visitors are introduced with variety of plants, farming techniques, principles of organic sustainable farming, wormi-culture, bee keeping, rainwater harvesting, fish farming, plant nursery, solar dehydration techniques etc. Our large collection of plant varieties has proved a treasure for students of botany and pharmacy. Here, they can see and feel the specimen plants included in their studies. Most of the plants carry scientific name tags.

Rural Skills

Other activities include a program for acquiring rural life-skills of art and craft such as Fishing, Mat Weaving (from coconut), Coconut Peeling, Basket Weaving from Bamboo, Warli Painting, etc.

The guests can enjoy other recreational activities such as reading books from library; swimming (if supervised by an adult); playing cricket, badminton, table-tennis etc.

Adventure Activities

Making use of trees on the farm, some very interesting soft adventure activities are designed for the guest on Save Farm.

Zip-line takes you across an artificial pond made for harvesting rain water.

Rope Course placed in a coconut orchard will help you scale the height of the coconut tree.

The equipment and accessories used to conduct these activities are from world renowned brands like MadRock and Petzl. We advise you to wear activity appropriate clothes and sport shoes, so you have maximum flexibility while participating in the activities.

Offering of soft adventure activities are at sole discretion of the farm management. It is also subject to age and weight limits and overall physical and mental fitness.


Along with good memories of farm stay and tour, Save Farm also offers you some unique souvenir items on its souvenir shop shelves. Fresh vegetables and fruits, coconuts, processed farm produce. Warli art hand painted T-shirts and canvas panels are also made available to takeaway.

Please Note :

We conduct various activities on our farm to make stay of our guests a memorable experience. Activities are offered depending upon duration of your stay on the farm. The activities are conducted according to a Pre Decided Schedule. Some activities are seasonal and restricted to weather conditions.