Farm Tour

Agriculture yields are declining considerably because of climatic wrath. Cultivation cost is going beyond affordable limit. As a result, more and more Agricultural land is either laying fallow or coming under non agriculture use, posing great threat to eco balance.

On the other hand, people from metros are opting for countryside outing in search of greenery. The conventional tourist destinations are becoming too crowded and polluted. People are looking for holidaying in rural areas to breath in fresh air, to be with nature for a while and experience rural hospitality.

Save Farm has recently started the eco-friendly Agri-Eco Tourism activity in lieu of popularizing and promoting the concept amongst farmer’s community. Surprisingly, it has received an overwhelming response from the tourists as well. They love to participate in the farming activities.

Every plant at Save Farm has a story to tell. The visitors are introduced with variety of plants, farming techniques, principles of organic farming, wormi-culture, bee kipping, rainwater harvesting, fish farming, plant nursery etc. Our large collection of plant species has proved a treasure for students of botany and pharmacy. Here, they can see and feel the specimen plants included in their studies. Most of the plants carry scientific name tags.

Adventure activity setup at Save Farm is very unique. It is designed around tall Coconut trees and the vast farm pond. The Zip Lines (Flying Fox) and Rope Courses go well with the Eco Theme and merge with vegetation. An ideal setup for adventure seekers and NCC students training.