Tarpa Agri-Tour Packages

Comprehensive Farm Tour included in all the packages. All the meals in the packages are veg meals.

Day Tour

Day Tour
9:00 am to 3:30 pm

  • Comprehensive Farm Tour
  • Includes Breakfast and Lunch
  • Recommended group 10+ people
Overnight Stay

Overnight Stay
12:00 pm to 11:00 am

  • Comprehensive Farm Tour
  • Includes Breakfast and 2 Meals
  • Accommodation in 2 beds & 4 bed Rooms

We also offer packages for longer stays as per your requirement.

Safety Precaution:

Visitors to Save Farm should understand that they are visiting a working agricultural farm. It is covered with tall trees, thick vegetation, deep water bodies etc. as an inherent part of the agricultural farm. Though we have taken due care for the safety of our guests, we do not have total control on accidents happening due to fall of trees, fruits etc. Also, some insects and animals are part & parcel of the farm. Visitors are expected to take care when they are on the farm.

Please help us to make your stay at Save Farm a memorable experience.

Please Notes:

  • Rates applicable from 1st April 2016.
  • All the tours need prior booking. Amount paid as booking advance is non-refundable.
  • We accept bookings of families only.
  • Please confirm timings of various activities and participate with your family.
  • Hot water made available within specific timings.
  • We do not provide room service.
  • Dinner time is 8:30 pm. Served as buffet.
  • All rooms are with attached bath-toilet.
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited.
  • Guests are expected not to smoke in the rooms.
  • We try our best to provide electricity to run basic amenities, like lights and fans. Guests are requested to bear with us in case of prolonged power failure.
  • We discourage loud music.
  • Pet animals are not allowed.
  • All the details given above are subject to change without prior notice. Please re-confirm before booking.
  • All the photos clicked by us of students or guests visiting Save Farm are the property of ‘Save Farm’. We have complete right of its usage for commercial purposes.