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Mr. Prabhakar Save

Mr. Prabhakar Save

Save farm is located at about 130 kms from Mumbai, in north Konkan region of Maharashtra state.

It was established in 1970, on a barren piece of land. We, the Save family, opted for this land only because of our financial limitations.

It was a great challenge for us to develop this infertile and eroded land in to a horticultural orchard you can see today.

With consistent scientific efforts and innovative implementation of latest technology, we were able to convert this once neglected land in to a lush green productive farm.

Save Nursery

In a journey of 40 years, we haven’t just reaped good harvest out of this farm, but have also gathered a lot of practical experience and knowledge in horticulture and allied fields. We feel at this juncture, that we should share our experience and innovative ideas with investors and entrepreneurs, farmers and students, hobbyists and nature lovers. This site is designed to give a glimpse of our setup and services offered by us. Please do contact us if you wish to know more about any of our activities and avail our assistance.


Tarpa is an Agro-Eco Tourism project of Save Farm. The word Tarpa comes from a musical instrument used by local tribal community called ‘Warli’. The objective of this project is to promote Agricultural Activities, introduce Tribal Culture and give a glimpse of Rural Life to our Urban Guest; and to offer a peaceful and quite holiday experience found only in the Indian countryside. Tarpa is not a conventional hotel , it’s a vacation with a experience! It’s a place where, what would be considered quirks of a conventional hotel, are actually our strengths.